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Welcome to Sarver and Associates

We would be happy to assist you in the areas of

Image processing and numerical analysis

Measuring the human visual system / ophthalmic instrumentation development

Contact and intraocular lens design/analysis

Specialized Biomedical Research In Technology Application Projects Ranging from Visual Systems to Human Speech

Ophthalmic Instruments

SAA specializes in providing consultation for the development of ophthalmic instruments such as corneal topographers and ocular aberrometers.  SAA has been a major contributor to the development of several commercially successful ophthalmic clinical products including commercially available corneal topography systems, wavefront aberrometers and combination systems.  This includes assisting in the development of software and system documentation, computers/tablets and smart phones.

SAA has extensive experience in the design and analysis of contact lenses and intraocular lenses.  We also provide optical analysis for phakic and aphakic IOL power calculations.  We have developed visual simulations of specialized IOLs and of the effect of multiple reflections for various IOL materials for use as marketing tools by a lens manufacturer.  We have also assisted clients with obtaining FDA approval for their implantable lenses.

Contact and Intraocular Lenses

Software Development

SAA also specializes in developing a wide range of software for image processing, optical analysis, and display generation.  This includes the delivery of source code, specifications, design descriptions, hazard analysis, test procedures and test reports.  We have done projects in C, C++, C#, and Java.

The Rhema project was established to develop a computer and/or cloud based system to assist in the treatment of speech pathologies, with the goal of exploiting the application of new technologies, and the integration of customized hardware and software, for the development of improved therapies for communication disorders and/or communication variations, with special emphasis on the treatment of articulation disorders, phenology, morphology, and accent/dialect modification.  Rhema is the Greek word for utterance, which is synonymous with the spoken word.

Read the Project Overview

Rhema Project

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